San Luis Obispo Rusticos

The San Luis Obispo Rusticos line is a contemporary take on our traditional San Luis Obispo design, with a monochrome palette, utilizing Black, White, and Grey colors to create stunning designs.

San Luis Obispo ceramic tile is handcrafted and decorated by hand using an ancient method called Cuerda Seca, which translates as “dry cord”.  The Cuerda Seca technique of making tile has been used for centuries in Spain and other Mediterranean countries.  The depth and richness of the colors are obtained by applying every single drop of glaze by hand, ever so gently and carefully, onto a delineated design.  The tiles are then kilned at high temperatures, resulting in absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind tiles!

For any questions regarding our San Luis Obispo line please feel free to call Place of Clay at (602) 252-1506.