Cantera Stone

Cantera Stone is a quarried, volcanic rock that is mined in various regions of Mexico and Central America.  The stone is formed by a combination of volcanic ash, lava, and stone already found on the ground.  As a result, the stone’s color may vary depending on the impurities present in the stone of a particular region.  Cantera  Stone can absorb air and humidity without expansion, allowing it to be used in wet areas.  These properties allow for detailed carving and cutting, and the stone is often used to create fountains, furniture, fireplaces, wall tiles, pool areas, and columns.

Place of Clay offers selection of Cantera stone columns, fountains, furniture, and sculptures.

We also specialze in custom Cantera stone projects and bring your next ideas to life!  Please contact Place of Clay directly at 602-252-1506 with any questions regarding custom Cantera orders.  We work with a number of artisans in Mexico and can provide quality products at the best rates!